“A community to help create a sustainable multifaceted ecosystem to inspire and lead innovation in the foodscape.”

Food Incubator

Innovate 360 Food Manufacturing Incubator is Singapore's 1st Food Manufacturing Incubator focused at helping Food Startups take their ideas and making them into reality!


Innovate 360 Co-sharing allows common resources to shared by multiple companies and reducing the need for duplication. It means companies can stretch their dollar.


Innovate 360 Co-working space allows companies to work and meet in a shared working environment that encourages collaboration and creativity.

Industry Mentors

Innovate 360 Industry Mentors comprise of practicing industry experts that have a wealth of experience in their various business sectors and areas of concentration.

Affiliate Partners

Innovate 360 Affiliate Partners provide various insights, opportunities, and assistance from knowledge sharing, product development, to venture capital funding.


Innovate 360 Education targets on public awareness and education. It also focuses on attracting and training our future generations to be part of the food manufacturing industry.

Innovate 360 Community Updates


36 minutes 8 seconds ago

Sharing resources in an innovative Co-working space is what we are doing at innovate 360. www.innovate360.sg

Shared facilities for R&D and platforms connecting food companies for co-innovation are all part of the FoodInnovate programme to level up our food companies. http://bit.ly/2rs3Cyw


2 weeks 1 day ago

Congratulations SMC Food 21, Innovate 360 Food Incubator’s partner for setting up Singapore’s first dairy hub!