Innovate 360 Incubator is Singapore's 1st food incubator with food manufacturing facilities. Innovate 360 is a recognized incubator and accredited mentor partner supported by Enterprise Singapore under Startup SG. Its goal is in helping companies to push the boundaries of innovation and create a sustainable offering that meets the ever changing economy. It also looks at creating an ecosystem of sustainable food innovation through collaboration.

Powered by its food experience in manufacturing, trading and logistics of more than 71 years, forged alliances with individuals & partnering organizations from the  industry as well as academia, Innovate 360's offering is unparalleled. In addition, its new integrated building that will be completed in February 2019 will further echo Innovate 360's commitment to drive a collaborative innovation ecosytem. Innovate 360's new building will house a dedicated food co-working space and shared facilities.

With a food factory license, business experience and networks, it is able to help startups commercialize their ideas faster and succeed. The companies are taken through a journey of conceptualization, prototyping, research & development (R&D), contract manufacturing,  marketing, branding, strategy distribution, and sales.

Innovate 360 is focused on developing the food ecosystem of innovation in the following areas:

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Deep Technology

  • Tech For Food Manufacturing

  • Agriculture / Aquaculture