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Why be part of Innovate 360?

5 Reasons why Innovate 360 is right for you.

  • 01

    Food Focused Incubator with Facilities

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    Access Industry Mentors

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    Collaborate with companies

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    Scale your manufacturing with experts

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    Access Go-to-Market Networks

Do you qualify for the StartUp SG grant?

Tap on the SGD50,000 StartupSG Founder Grant

The very first step is to check if you qualify:
– 2 Singaporean/PR Founders working Full time
– 1 Singaporean/PR Full Time Employee
– Company registered less than 6 months
– In the area of food innovation*

In order for us to assess you, please send us your pitch deck using the form above. We will review and arrange for a time to meet you within a week.

If you need help to formulate your business plan, you can download the Good Food Startup Manual, here. There, you will find an extensive guide on how to start and develop a business in food.

Once we agree to support your startup, you will receive a recommendation letter from Innovate 360 before applying here for the grant.

Applications must be complete and indicate “Innovate 360” as the AMP(accredited mentor partner)

Upon successful application, the grant will be disbursed in two parts.