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Masterclass Series: Invest in Aquaculture

April 8 - April 10 SGD1899

Food security, food production technology and food safety have implications both for health of individuals and economy of societies. Ensuring, controlling and developing food production continues to be a major issue for societies, and since the food production chains now typically extend beyond national borders and even across continents, these issues must be seen under international perspectives.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has grossly exposed the gaps and weaknesses of our food supply chain and the realization of the need for change comes at a juncture of developments in localised and urban food growing, harvesting, processing and long-term storage. This inevitable (paradigm) has already started to happen and comes at a time where the importance to link uninterrupted supply chain, during a pandemic lockdown, to our food security goals for the future is grossly undermined.

With the current food supply crisis, many new emergent opportunities and sunrise industries has arisen as a result. This development comes at a time where new technologies enabling more efficient or novel techniques in food production are rapidly evolving. Such technologies will enable a significantly improved extraction capacity for both proteins and carbohydrates, which again will improve production efficiency and sustainability of the food production chains.

This is a 3-day intensive Masterclass for companies and investors looking for possible Investment into the Agri Business industry – Aquaculture.

Course Takeaway

  1. The investors perspective to Aquaculture
    1. Where to invest?
    2. What to invest?
    3. Due diligence process
  2. Investment opportunities
  3. Career path development in Aquaculture for staff
  4. Site visit & interaction with farm owners

Course Structure

  1. This is a 3-day intensive Masterclass.
  2. The number of participants will be kept to a maximum of 20 per course to ensure maximum participation and interaction with the principal trainer.
  3. Safe Management Measures as mandated by our COVID-19 phase 3 requirement must be strictly adhered to.
  4. Training & lecture will be conducted in lecture theatre/ farm site
  5. Post training – All course participants will be entitled to a 1 hours one to one consultation with the Principal Trainer upon completion of the course.
  6. Lunch will be provided on all 3 days.

Course Date

Date : 8 to 10 April 2021 – Thursday to Saturday.

Locations: Class Room Training + Farm Visit (9 Chin Bee Drive, Innovate 360, #06-01, Singapore 619860 & 11 Chencharu Link, Singapore 768145)

In event the farm visit on 10 April(Sat) is unavailable, the next available date will be on 12 April (Monday).

Course Fee

$1,899 per participant (Take $99 Off if you sign up and pay before March 19th)

Payment must be made 7 days before course starts. Payment can be made by Cheque, PayNow, or Credit Card(Via Paypal). Participants must first register their interest Here.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Company & Investors looking to invest into the Aquaculture industry.
  2. Companies looking for new opportunities and divesting their business at the same time. This course will provide the participant a good feel of where, what & how to move into this industry.
  3. At the end of this course, participant should be armed with the following :
    1. Understand the important aspects the global trends of aquaculture production
    2. Aquaculture in the light of Food security
    3. Understand the A to Z of Aquaculture production
    4. Matching entity current strategic expertise with the Aquaculture Industry
    5. Basic Due diligence understanding regarding any sort of investment into this industry

About the Trainer

Associate Professor Matthew Tan is a Mentor with Innovate 360. He is an eminent Aquaculture veteran with more than 18 years of experience and is also currently the Chief Executive Officer, Asia of Assentoft Aqua Asia Pte Ltd.

Assentoft Aqua A/S (Denmark) is currently one of the world’s leading Aquaculture Engineering (RAS) company. The team at Assentoft Aqua has been involved in RAS development since the very beginning of the recirculation aquaculture industry, thus learning from both successes and failures from existing plants – including salmon plants. During this time, more than 200 plants ranging from production capacities of 10 tons/year to 2,000 tons/year per module have been delivered.

Prior to joining Assentoft, A/Prof Tan was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Oceanus Tech Pte Ltd, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceanus Group Ltd – One of the world’s largest land-based aquaculture company which is listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.

He was part of the new management team that undertook the clean-up and restructuring of the company in 2015. During that time, A/Prof Tan was serving as the Chief Risk Officer cum Chief Technology Officer of the holding company. During his 7 years stint with the Oceanus group, he was responsible for the development of the company’s risk management framework and farms’ operational protocols. He also oversaw the development and implementation of the company farm’s bio-security plan which includes the validation & adoption of sustainable technologies, development & implementation of water monitoring system, animal nutrition & feed formulation and use of Recirculating Aquaculture technologies in their farms.

Prior to joining the Oceanus Group, Matthew was previously the CEO of an environmental engineering company where he served for more than 10 years and has been involved in the extensive implementation of engineering solutions to the aquaculture and agriculture industry in both Singapore and Asia. He has a vision of developing evidence-based science and technology that is both ECO friendly and sustainable. In the past 18 years, he has been extensively involved in application development for the aquaculture industry and has successfully developed a set of land-based RAS protocols for the sustainable farming of food-fish in Singapore and Asia

Matthew is also currently holding the joint appointment as Singapore Representative (Private Sector) to APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security and is the Co-Chair for Sustainable Development in Agricultural and Fishery sectors where he co-ordinates discussions between senior officials, APEC governments and the private sector on the use of technology and combined resources for Sustainable Development in the Agriculture and Fishery Sectors. He is also currently involved in assisting governments with their Economic Transformation – Aquaculture 4.0 in the light of food security.

He is also graduate of SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre) – Asia’s leading fishery institution; where he received training under a Government of Japan – Trust Fund Programme in hatchery and grow-out, seaweed and Benthic Diatom culture and production.

On the academic front, Matthew serves as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor (Aquaculture) with the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA) – College of Science and Engineering – James Cook University, Australia.

James Cook University specialises in the sustainable exploitation of tropical aquatic species and is Australia’s leading university in Tropical Fisheries Science. Through the Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture (CSTFA), JCU partners with industry, NGOs, and government to tackle grand challenges associated with sustainable production of seafood.

A/Prof Tan will be sharing his personal experience in this course and will dwell deep into the future trends of aquaculture, pitfalls of aquaculture investment & operations, risk and opportunities in this industry.

Trainer’s Track Records

  1. Principal Consultant – Development of a strategic plan which include the filing of proprietary Aquaculture IP and farm management manuals for a leading crustacean Hatchery in Asia – 2021.
  2. Principal Consultant – Aquaculture & Agri related feasibility study and development of a Strategic White Paper for a main board listed company in Singapore. This listco is looking to enter the Agri & Food Industry. Oct 2020
  3. Principal Consultant – Introduction of intensive & indoor shrimp farming system and redevelopment of 2,000 acres of land for Aquaculture in Rompin, Malaysia, 2019.
  4. Principal Consultant – Development of the Vanuatu Aquaculture Industry. Proposal submitted to the Trade commissioner of Vanuatu.
  5. Principal Consultant : AVA Land tender specification and proposal development for a bio secure hatchery for a leading aquaculture player in Singapore – 2018
  6. Principal Consultant : Design and setup of 2-hectare Bio-secure aquaculture facility which include hatchery, nursery, grow-out and brood stock holding areas in Africa – 2017
  7. Principal Consultant : Presentation to Minister of Fishery, Nigeria on the introduction of Marine Sea Bass species, conversion of coastal areas for aquaculture and the use of technology in Aquaculture – Nigeria, 2018.
  8. Principal Consultant : Design and set-up of 2.3 hectare Bio-secure aquaculture facility which include hatchery, nursery and brood stock holding areas in Malaysia – 2017.
  9. Principal Consultant : Site survey – 220 Acres of disused shrimps’ raceways and land for possible aquaculture grow-out use. West Malaysia 2016.
  10. Principal Consultant : Hybrid Grouper species development and ECO diversity study on endemic species– Malaysia – 2016
  11. Collaborator : Bio marker study on Abalone laggard and Selective Genetics breeding – Jointly with Temasek Poly & Oceanus Group – 2017.
  12. Collaborator & Technology Partner : Use of Hydrocavitation technology for increasing aquaculture harvest yield – Jointly with one of the world’s largest shrimps’ producer – 2015 to 2017
  13. Principal Consultant : Design and Setup of Bio Secure Grouper/ Sea Bass Hatchery and Aquaculture farm – Malaysia – 2016
  14. Principal Investigator : Design and use of hydrocavitation technology for Sea Bass and shrimps pond culture in Sri Lanka.
  15. Principal Consultant : Design of Inland biosecure Hatchery facility in Ipoh, Malaysia.
  16. Principal Investigator : Investigation on possible conversion of existing shrimp culture ponds for food fish grow-out in Pahang, Malaysia.
  17. Principal Investigator : MND Research Fund Grant on “Ecological Land Based Aquaculture – Farming of food fish in Urban environment”. Multi-million-dollar MND grant to fully develop a high intensity & high yield aquaculture RAS farming system using minimum space and labour through the integration of people, technology and business system.
  18. Co-Principal Investigator (with Surbana Technologies) : Development of Multiple storey land-based food-fish breeding system with Surbana Technologies. This project leverage off high intensity vertical fish farming as an “engineering” solution to solve this issue.
  19. Project Director : Development of a Fully automated and online monitoring of water conditions for aquaculture farms – Horiba Instruments & Bio X Pte Ltd
  20. Principal Investigator – Development of live support system for shipping containers for the shipping of live sea food (sea to land) with APL (part of NOL Shipping Group) one of the world’s top shipping company. The project successfully research, designed and developed an enclosed automated recirculation water filtration and treatment system for incorporation into APL’s Live reefer container.
  21. Project Director – Technical farm audit completed for the world’s largest Aquaculture (China) spanning more than 300 km.
  22. Principal Investigator and project Director – Development and setup of Asia first Aquahub (live seafood holding logistic hub) in Jurong Cold Hub One, Singapore. A joint development with CWT Fresh (Part of CWT Group)


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