Questions we get all the time.

Who We Fund:

We fund early-stage companies in the food innovation space within the South East Asia region. Specifically, in the deep technology, agricultural/aquaculture, and manufacturing of consumer products for retail(B2C) and industrial(B2B) customers verticals. If you already have a product and are looking to commercialize and scale, we will be able to support you with our expertise and licensed facilities.

Unsure if your company fall within these verticals?

As long as you are in the food space, and have a great idea or some traction, we would love to hear from you.

How Will Innovate360 Support Me?

If you are just starting out, we will first help with the required business groundwork and applying for the AMP grant (if you qualify for it). We then tag along your start-up journey and provide the relevant resources, guidance, and expertise along the way. You will be supported and housed in a comfortable environment to focus on building your company.

If you already have some legwork done, and are now looking to grow efficiently and effectively, Innovate360 is able to support you with its 7 decades of experience in the food manufacturing, trading, and logistics space while providing the required food facilities licenses and business networks to position your company to succeed. Scaling and commercialization will be as quick as it gets.

Typically, Innovate360’s initial investment in a company ranges from $50k to $250k, but we’ve gone higher in some cases. You will also be housed in Innovate360’s new building which has a co-working space and the relevant facilities (manufacturing, logistics, research & development) for your company all within close reach.

What kind of facilities does Innovate 360 offer?

Innovate 360 offers B2 industrial space (heavy food manufacturing), co-working space, logistic warehousing, shared research labs and kitchen facilities. Kitchen facilities side more towards demo kitchen and batch testing. Out facilities do not support catering/ central kitchen space.

How Do I Apply?

Drop us an email at startup_amp@innovate360.sg – Include your business plan, an introduction about you (and your co-founder if applicable) and if you are applying for the Accredited Mentorship Programme (read this and see if you fulfill all the criteria).

Sign My NDA?

For practicality sake, No, we don’t. Read this – https://feld.com/archives/2006/02/why-most-vcs-dont-sign-ndas.html