Kombynation Co. brews healthy fermented beverages full of beneficial micronutrients. They aim to valorise “ugly fruit” waste and cascara with their specialty bred kombucha bacteria and yeast consortium.

Sauces, stocks, and jams specifically for kids from 18 months old to 6 years old, Haruplate makes children food delectable and nutritious – Making them fresh with wholesome natural ingredients, and no added salt, sugar or preservatives. 

SinFooTech is a Singapore food technology company focused on sustainable food biotechnology. Their latest patented technology allows the fermentation of soy whey to a gluten-free, isoflavone-rich alcoholic beverage.

Opal Resources is a licensed farm focused on Urban Seafood Farming – Bringing great tasting fish from farm to table using smart intensive aquaculture and technology to be a sustainable fishery business.


 Shiok Meats is Singapore’s first cell-based clean meat company. It brings animal friendly, health friendly and environment friendly meat to everyone’s table by using cells instead of animals.

Hook Coffee delivers Artisanal Coffee brewed ethically with a sustainable mission and direct traceability from bean farms around the world. Freshly roasted with love and care leaving consumers hooked!

Eatobe bridges the gap between the food we eat and what we absorb. Eatobe delivers scientifically driven protective and preventive healthcare to all individuals through whole plant ingredients; accessibly, conveniently and affordably.

Seeking to bring healthier foods to consumers, Hoow Food’s proprietary reformulation technology enables food manufacturers to maintain taste & texture with a healthier spin. Callery’s ice cream, a low-calorie ice cream is their proof of concept.


Asia Insect Farm Solution supplies a new source of protein harnessed from insect rearing; cricket powder (acheta domesticus) for human consumption and black soldier fly larvae, meal and oil (hermetia illucens) for animal feed and petfood

Karana is about better balance in our food systems, better choices for chefs and consumers, and feeling better about the food we cook and eat. Firstly, bringing you better alternatives to meat, sustainably grown and responsibly sourced in Southeast Asia.